We have a common basis; the service industry.
It is our heritage to provide a multitude of
services both locally and nationally.
The primary company, Ramelli Janitorial, is
fifty year old organization. As business and
customer demands surfaced the Sod The group
is comprised of multiple companies a Blasting
Business, Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance
and Facilities Management evolved.

It wasn’t until hurricane Katrina that Ramelli
entered into the Waste Removal business along
with other storm related clean-up entities. As
a first responder to this natural disaster, The
Ramelli Group established itself as an innovator
in the recovery of the greater New Orleans area.
We continue to look at new business ventures that
will expand upon our successful operation.

In 2005, we added the Ceramic Tile and Natural
Stone Restoration business and are looking into
additional service related businesses.

We have maintained local and national businesses
for over 30 years and understand the importance
of providing the customer with the best possible
service while striving to stay cost efficient.

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